EPP FAQ and Terms & Conditions

  1. Two Part FAQ
    The general FAQ should be checked as well. This one is more specific to EPP system.
  2. Getting EPP Access.
    To get EPP access the number of ".ai" domains you already have times $100 plus your deposit must total at least $5,000. For example, if you have more than 50 domains you do not need to make a deposit. If you have 35 domains you need to send a deposit of $1,500. If you have no domains you must send a deposit of $5,000. If you can do Bitcoin then we will drop this to $3000 and reduced by $100 for each domain. Once the deposit is made (credit card ok for users on whois.ai) then we will setup your account on epp.whois.ai. As with any deposit you should email about it. To wire money see payments.html.
  3. Where is web access for EPP users?
    You can login at https://epp.whois.ai.
  4. How do I see credit balance and get Reminders for when credit gets low?
    In the web interface click "Account" then on the right "Credit Reminders". This will show your balance and credit limit and let you set a reminder threshold. It will then send an email if your credit gets below that threshold.
  5. The accounting information seems wrong.
    Note that if you do a search for some range that is more than 50 entries the web display does not show all the results and the totals are only for the results shown not for the full range. This is strange and seems wrong. To get the full picture you must do "Export Transactions" and look at the CSV file that is downloaded.
  6. How do I transfer domains?
    The Current registrant should get the AUTHCODE and give that to the new registrant so they can then pull the domain into their account. The domain must also be "unlocked" for a transfer to work. Note that domains must be paid up to do a transfer. Also note that except when leaving the machine auction.whois.ai, the account getting the domain is charged a $100 transfer fee, so it must have this in the account to do the transfer. If the contacts, phone, email are not good a transfer can fail.
  7. Can I do renew in EPP transfer domains?
    We recommend not doing a renew on transfer but if you do set it to 2 years renewal.
  8. How do I get the AUTHCODE for a domain in web interface?
    In portfolio search for that domain. Click on it. Then about the 5th line down you see "Authorization Key". To the right of that is some random sequence of characters. That is the code.
  9. How to I use an AUTHCODE to transfer a domain to my account in web interface?
    Click on "register", then "transfer request", then in the box put the name then a comma then the code.
  10. How do I get my company listed on your list of registrars?
    If you would like your company on the list of registrars or to change how it is listed just send email to vincecate@gmail.com.
  11. How can I do free test domains?
    You can register domains under ote.ai for free. The DNS will not work but you can check that your software works.
  12. What is the spec for EPP?
    The spec is EPP RFC 5730. We are using Cocca which follows this spec. Also of interest are the status codes for EPP.
  13. How can I export my current list of domains?
    Login on https://epp.whois.ai and select portfolio then search with no filters. Then on the right Export to CSV.
  14. Can you do 1 year pricing?
    The minimum is 2 years.
  15. What is whois.ai for?
    The old main site was whois.ai but this is now an epp client of epp.whois.ai which is the real main site now. Small legacy users are still there. We are not letting new end-users on there and there is a general move off that site.
  16. Having trouble logging in
    Try clearing cookies. To start the EPP password and web login password will be the same but you can change one without changing the other. On the web interface you can click "Account" then on bottom right "EPP settings" will let you change the EPP password. To change the web password click "Account", then "Manage Logins", then select login and click "Change Password". they can set the EPP password ( by default is the same credentials as the web login, but the login and clientID are two separate credentials )
  17. How long can stuff stay in shopping cart?
    If you logout or are logged out due to inactivity your shopping cart will be emptied.
  18. How do we transfer the domains to the new system?
    When you are ready I can just do a bulk move to move them over.
  19. We are doing a lot of volume can we have a special price?
    Everyone is paying the same price of $100 for 2 years.
  20. What about renewals?
    The default on new accounts is not AUTORENEW but you can change that at the web interface. We recommend that you do a search for domains with expiration dates older than some date to get your list of domains to renew so that you don't accidentally renew a domain that does not need to be renewed, as there is no un-do on renewals (on registrations if you delete soon the cost can be reversed).
  21. Are there reminder emails to pay for domains?
    No, no emails are sent out as each domain comes close to eperation. This epp.whois.ai is really setup for retailers and they each email end users about payments coming up. You can setup AUTORENEW and also set the system to email you a reminder when your balance gets below some level. So this sort of handles the problem.
  22. How fast are domains deleted?
    See regular regular FAQ for delete.
  23. How can I lock domains so there is no chance of transfer?
    Click "portfolio", do a search (blank to see all), then click "bulk lock", then "all" to lock all, then at the bottom next to "transfer" click under "lock", then put in a note and click "update locks". Note that if you do this you must unlock a domain before an AUTHCODE can be used to do a transfer.
  24. Do transfers cost?
    Since Apr 1st 2018 transfers have cost $100. If you do a "renew during transfer" there will also be a renewal fee. If no renewal is done then the expiration date does not change with a transfer. If two registrars combine into one, a registrar splits into two, or we get a new registrar, then we can do an admin-transfer (i.e. Vince does it) and there is no charge. Also, if you buy a domain at auction on auction.whois.ai then you can transfer it off there to your regular account with no charge. We don't want domains to stay on auction.whois.ai.
  25. Grace period is 5 days
    If you buy a domain and then delete it within 5 days the system will refund your money.
  26. The Dec 16, 2017 registration date seems wrong
    When domains were loaded onto epp.whois.ai on Dec 16, 2017 the new system took that as the birthday for all the domains. Really many domains were around many years before that. The expiration dates were correctly handled during the migration, but the registration date is not correct.
  27. Our customer did not pay can we get a refund?
    If you delete the name within the Grace period (see in this FAQ) you can get a refund. If it is longer than that then no.
  28. How do I restore a domain?
    From the web interface you search your porfolio for the domain, click on it, then in the bottom on the right you click "restore". Note if you do from EPP the restore and renew have to be done on the same day.
  29. Overdraft size
    The overdraft amount is set to 1/4 of the amount of your last wire-transfer up to a maximum of $10,000. So if you send $10,000 your overdraft ability will be $2,500. So a new account could do $12,500 before not being able to register any more. If you send a wire and urgently need an increased overdraft while waiting for the wire to get through we can increase your overdraft temporarily if you send an image of the wire transfer info from the bank. Please don't do this every month though.
  30. How often do nameservers update?
    Every 2 hours. It could take another hour to propagate. Sometimes longer.
  31. Do I need to sign a contract?
    No, but there is one if you would like.
  32. Can prices change?
    Yes, we reserve the right to change prices. The prices have been unchanged for more than 10 years. Our current expectation is to keep the same $100 unless the inflation rate gets over 5%, then we might go to $110 or something else.