Payments FAQ

For any of these we ask that you try to send at least 1 months worth of money each time, unless a weeks worth is over $100,000 then you can send a weeks worth.

Note that for and we will credit your account with the amount we actually get in our account.

These payments can be for accounts on (default) or If you want a payment to go to please specify that in email before sending the payment. Note, you should always email the wire confirmation as my bank requires that before they will put the money in my account.

  1. Can you accept Bitcoin?
    Yes. On you can pay with Bitcoin. You just clicking "Pay with Bitcoin" button next to the "Pay with Credit Card" button.

    We are currenting paying a 10% bonus for payments made in Bitcoin. So if you send $100,000 in Bitcoin we will credit your account $110,000.

    If you do a Bitcoin payment at and want it moved to just let me know by email.

    If you have never used Bitcoin it is easy. You can download a "Bitcoin wallet" on your phone and then go to a Bitcoin ATM near you and put in some dollars and it will give you Bitcoin. For large amounts Google Bitcoin Exchange.

  2. Can you accept wire transfers?
    Yes the minimum is $2,500 unless for an auction, then there is no minimum. Send an even dollar amount as any cents will be dropped. We will credit you with the amount that we receive in the wire. Usually $20 to $70 is taken as fees along the way. Wire instructions below. Our bank requires a wire confirmation document from the sender. This needs to be an image or .PDF from your bank, not simple text. So please email that to Our wires usually take 0 to 2 days to get through. If it is longer than a week you should ask your bank to "put a trace on the wire". If a wire is lost it must be found from the sender's side with a trace. Please do not send 2 wires of the same amount in any 6 day period as my bank takes much longer when you do that.

    Our Bank:
    National Commercial Bank of Anguilla Ltd
    ADDRESS: 1 St. Mary's Street
    The Valley
    Tel: 264-497-2101

    Our Company:
    DataHaven.Net Ltd.
    Account at bank: 2029056
    Our Address:
    949 Stoney Ground
    The Valley
    Anguilla, AI2640
    Tel: 264-497-3255

    The above is enough information for almost any bank. If your bank insists we also have correspondent bank info The correspondent bank is a bank that works with our bank but not our bank, so please be very careful if using this.

  3. Can you accept credit cards?
    Both and can accept credit cards. Plese go to Auction FAQ or EPP FAQ.
  4. Can you do Western Union?
  5. Can you do PayPal?
  6. Refunds if account closed?
    If you wish to close your account on and you had wired in money I can wire back the remainder less $100 for the cost of the wire and my time at the bank.