1. EPP/CoCCA Access
    We have migrated most of the big users to EPP access. This is most of the domains. If you would like EPP access please see EPP FAQ.
  2. Whois service now at whois.nic.ai
    To lookup domains with the whois service use the new server with a command like whois -h whois.nic.ai foo.ai We made this change with IANA but not all whois clients seem to have picked up the update yet. You can use gwhois.net which does use the current whois server and not look where the old one was.
  3. Where can I learn about the auctioning of expired .ai domains?
    You can read the auction FAQ or go to the auction site auction.whois.ai.
  4. What about new end users?
    The ".ai" registry had moved to using retail sites to sell the domains and only legacy end users can login to this site. Here is a list of current retail registrars. New end users should sign up with one of these.
  5. How soon after I make changes do they show up?
    Registration changes show up nearly instantly in whois and within about 2 hours in the DNS servers.
  6. What about EPP and moving domains to other registrars?
    Look at the details for the domain you want to move. In the top left there is a button that says "Get Auth Code". Click that and send this code to the new owner of the domain. They can use the AUTHCODE to pull/transfer the domain to their account at their registrar. There is a $100 transfer fee that the new owner will pay.
  7. What is the cost for domains?
    The cost is $100 US for every 2 years.

  8. If I decide I don't want an account or don't want a domain can I get my money back?
    No, there are no refunds. Please be sure you want to do this before you pay.
  9. There are two parts to the registration, when is the domain mine?
    The domain is not securely yours till after you pay for it.

  10. What characters are permitted in domain names?
    Letters from "a" to "z", digits from "0" to "9", and "-". Domains can not start or end with "-" and can not have more than one "-" in a row.

  11. What parts of the domain registration form are really required?
    You need the domain name, at least one email address, and the names of the 2 nameservers (not IP addresses). The rest of the form can be left blank.

  12. What is a handle?
    It is an old way to identify people that we are not really using any more.

  13. I am sure my credit card is good but the payment did not work. What is wrong?
    Firefox users should not have this problem. Internet Explorer does not permit cookies from our online payment provider. To fix this, inside Internet Explorer click on "tools", then "internet options", then "privacy". You should see a slider for your cookie settings. Slide it to the bottom to accept all cookies.

    The other possibility is that the credit card processor is not working. This usually seems to happen on the weekend when there is nobody at the bank to do anything about it. If so, please wait till Monday. If it happens during the week let me know and I can let them know so they can fix it.

  14. How do I pay for or renew a domain?
    You need a credit balance in the system. If you don't have this then you must first do "buy credits" and use your credit card. Then tick off the boxes next to the domains you with to pay for. Then click "register/renew".<
  15. How will charges show up on my credit card statement?
    The name of the company doing AI registrations is "DataHaven.Net Ltd.".

  16. How can I check DNS stuff?
    There are several online sites for checking DNS for domains. I really like www.digwebinterface.com. If you check the "trace" box it will show you what nameservers the top level servers for ".ai" have for that domain and also what those nameservers have (like an IP address). Note also that it can take a weekday for changes to show up.
  17. How do I register a new domain?
    Login and at the top of your list of domains will be "Register new domain". Click that then type in the name you want to register.

  18. How do I get a user name?
    In the "Password" section enter your email address and click "Retrieve password".

  19. What if I forget my password?
    In the "Password" section enter your email address and click "Retrieve password".

  20. I did not get the email I was expecting. Where is it?
    Most of the time the problem is spam filters. Look in your spam folder.
  21. Can I pay for just 1 year instead of 2?
    No, we only register or renew at the price of $100 US for 2 years.

  22. Can I pay in advance for future years?
    Yes, you can pay as many 2 year periods as you want. So paying 5 times and being set for the next 10 years is fine. Note this works even if sometime during that period we increased the prices, you would still have the whole 10 years.
  23. When I register a new domain can I load the values from another domain I have?
    Yes, when you see the form on the left there is a list of domains you have and if you click on one it will initialize the form with those values (except for the domain name).

  24. How do I transfer a domain from whois.ai to someone else?
    The person getting the domain should have an account on some other registrar. The person on whois.ai that is giving up the domain will click on the domain to see details and next to it there is a button "Get Auth Code". He clicks that and the system will show a code. They must copy the code and send it to the new owner. The new owner can then pull the domain into their account at the other registrar. At the moment we only support transfers away from whois.ai. The whois.ai is really for "legacy users".
  25. How long does a login last for?
    Currently it is set for the current day (till midnight in Anguilla). If you have a shared machine be sure to click "Log Out" after you are done so that you will be logged out.

  26. The email address in the form no longer works, what do I do?
    Put a file "ai-admin-email.html" at the top level on your web server for the domain in question and inside this put your new email. Then send me an email telling me to look for this file.

  27. If I have a problem how can I contact someone?
    Send email to "vincecate@gmail.com". If you start your email subject with "AI3DOM" it will be sorted to the top and not lost in spam. It will also show me you read the FAQ, which I want to encourage. If you send email several times I will probably filter email from you so that you don't need to do that in the future. You can call on Monday or Friday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Eastern time at 264-497-3255.

  28. Who can edit a domain?
    Any of the three emails listed for a domain, admin, technical, or billing contact. So all of these should be addresses for people you trust. With a batch edit you can easily change any that you don't trust to another email.

  29. What are the minimum and maximum number of nameservers?
    You must have a minimum of 2 nameservers and the names must resolve. That is, it must be possible to use the domain name system to convert the nameserver's name into an IP address. You can have a maximum of 4 nameservers.

  30. What are the rules for using AI domains?
    At the moment the usage must not violate the laws of Anguilla. In particular, fraud is against the law. For example, any domain that is trying to trick users into thinking they are at another website so they will enter their user name and password is committing fraud. The domain will be either removed or given to the people who own the domain that was being impersonated so they can put up a warning or any info they want.

  31. What happens if we don't pay for a domain?
    First note that any domain past due may be deleted. You should not count on any grace period. Usually there is 30 days where it is "suspended" and DNS does not work but it can be renewed for the regular price. Then there is usually 60 days where it is "pending delete" can be restored at an additional cost. On whois.ai you need $200 credit and then you click on the domain and then click on restore. After the 60 day pending delete period it goes into the auction pool. For more information see auctionfaq.html.

  32. What about disputes about the wrong person getting a domain?
    If the domain would violate a previously registered trademark in Anguilla then the trademark owner should get the domain.
  33. Can we pay by something other than credit card?
    We can also do wire transfer and Bitcoin.
  34. What steps can I take to make sure I never lose a domain?
    You can pay for a domain even when it is not yet due and the 2 years is added on. If you do this 5 times you are safe for 10 years. It is good to have different emails in the 3 different fields so that if years from now when a bill is sent out one is not working the others may be. It is also good to use the "Test email" function after you login and use your email software to mark that email as important, sort it into some folder, or at least make sure it is not marked as spam.
  35. Can you provide escrow service as we sell a domain to someone?
    You can use escrow.com or other escrow services. They have buyer and seller sign a contract, then buyer gives them the money to hold, then seller transfers domain, then they give the money to the seller.
  36. Are their premium price domains?
    No, all domains are the same price, $100 for 2 years.
  37. How do I change my MX records or A records?
    When you setup a domain you must specify at least 2 nameservers for the domain. That is all we have at the ".ai" level. All details like MX records or A records are in the nameservers for the domain. Please don't contact us about MX records or A records, you probably want to talk to the company hosting your web page.
  38. Restricted domains
    Sometimes domains are flagged as restricted when they should not really be. If your registrar attempts to register it we can approve it manually if the restriction was in error.
  39. Unused Domain
    There is a domain someone is not really using, can I have it? No, once someone is paid up for their domain they own it, even if they don't have a web page up.
  40. What is the expiration date for a domain?
    We do not tell you when someone else's domain is due to expire. For your own domains you can see when you login.
  41. Will the EPP client software used for whois.ai be open sourced?
    Yes, we plan to do this. If you are interested send email and we will put you on a list to notify when this happens. It is written in python. Probably second quarter 2018.
  42. Removed Domains
    The Government of Anguilla reserves the right to remove domains that are in its opinion hate speech or breaking any Anguilla law. There has been 1 such domain removed in the history of ".ai".
  43. UDRP
    Anguilla uses the UDRP. To file a UDRP challenge you must use one of the ICANN Approved Dispute Resolution Service Providers. We will stand by the decision of the arbitrator picked by that provider. Usually this means either doing nothing or transferring a domain.

  44. Hidden Registrant Names
    The real registrant's name should be listed for each domain. If someone has an issue with the domain (for example it seems to us a probable trademark or copyright violation) then and we need to contact the registrant. If we are unable to do so we may resort to making the domain go to a web page that says something along the lines of, "will the registrant please contact us". If we still don't hear from the registrant in 2 months then we will be inclined to side with the party raising the dispute.

  45. Bank Merchant Website Disclosure
    1. Merchant URL: whois.ai
    2. Merchant Contact: vincecate@gmail.com 1(264)497-3255
    3. Terms and Conditions - See rest of FAQ above
    4. Return/refund policy - No refunds, only register a domain if you are sure.
    5. Delivery Policy - The domain will be activated within 3 hours of when you pay for it.
    6. Privacy Policy - We comply with the EU privacy policy about what information is given out by whois about the registrant for a domain.
    7. Card Mark Brand Usage: We only accept Visa and Mastercard.
    8. Complete description of good and services offered. We register ".ai" domains. See FAQ above for more details.
    9. Transaction Currency - All prices and transactions are in US dollars.
    10. Security copabilities and policy for Transmission of payment card details. To make a payment a user is sent to a window where the information goes directly to the payment processor on a secure SSL connection. The card details are never on our website or in our servers.